Science & Technology Australia states that Australia is in danger of being left behind in STEM. We at Arludo agree, but we think waiting for the Australian Government to do anything will be too late.

Science and Technology Australia just released a statement stating that the Australian Government need to properly fund science and science education, and we at Arludo couldn’t agree more.

But the issue is that only lobbying the government and waiting for them to respond and solve this problem isn’t enough – waiting will only exacerbate the problem. We’re all scientists, and as scientists, we should be continuing to gather more data to support our call. What we need is for the companies that are part of and support Science and Technology Australia to support the scientists and companies that can collect those data and demonstrate how to engage students in STEM.

There are plenty of researchers and companies that are attempting to support teachers. With support from companies who wish to strengthen Australia’s STEM future, these groups will then be able to support Science and Technology Australia and help them lobby the government. At the same time, Australian teachers and students won’t fall behind.

We can’t wait for the government to solve our STEM problem. What we need to do is show them how it’s done. And that’s what we’re doing at Arludo.