Virtual Incursions

We help you make learning exciting!

Unleash your students’ potential in STEM Education!


Join forces with one of our 20 expert Arludo Ambassadors to run mess-free virtual experiments in the classroom.

With 30 science games to choose from, your students will collect real data as they play, improving their critical thinking and analytical skills. 

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to provide your students with a unique and exciting STEM learning experience. Sign up for a virtual incursion today and join our packed schedule, which includes free sessions and special events covering topics from Ethics to Genetics. Let Arludo bring the excitement of science directly to your classroom!

View our Virtual Incursions Terms & Conditions here for more information.

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Thanks to support from the Australian Government Department of Education through the Emerging Priorities Program, we have a limited allocation of free virtual incursions per month!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Are your virtual incursions available for Homeschoolers?

Yes! Homeschoolers are welcome to join any of our virtual incursions. Minimum charges apply for our paid incursions, however we regularly run free sessions and Homeschool Special sessions.

How many students can attend a virtual incursion session?

Our virtual incursion sessions have unlimited capacity. If you’re concerned about your class size, please send us an email at to discuss your needs.

What time do your sessions start?

Our ‘By Request’ virtual incursions can have flexible start times to suit your group needs. In your booking request form you can provide your preferred session start time. 

If a ‘Live Event – Scheduled’ session does not meet your group needs, please send us an email at to discuss your needs.

What do we need to connect?
  • Adequate sound volume either from external speakers or your smartboard. Laptop speakers will likely not be loud enough for the whole class to hear 
  • A microphone so the presenter can hear the class for Q&A sessions
  • A screen large enough so that the class can see the presenter
  • Internet connected devices. Students can share a device (such as a tablet) to play the game, but they will need their own device (a desktop, laptop or tablet) to complete the e-worksheet.
Do you collect students’ personal data?

We take the privacy of students very seriously and will never collect personal data for this reason. More information can be found in our privacy policy here

Screens on or off?

For homeschool students we recommend joining with cameras off, as you will be joining the session with other participants. 

Groups joining from school can choose to turn their cameras on during the session, however by default they will be off when joining. 

Microphones will always be muted when joining.

I have another question!

Please send us an email

Terms & Conditions

Virtual incursion Terms & Conditions can be found here.

How can I book a virtual incursion?

Virtual incursions can be booked via our DART Learning provider page here

If you would like to book for one of our free scheduled sessions, we will email you with the connection details closer to the date.

If you would like to book for a paid virtual incursion, please provide at least two preferred dates that you could attend an incursion and we will get back to you via email with availability as soon as possible.

How many teachers can attend a virtual incursion session?

At least one teacher must be in the room with their group of students per session as behaviour management remains the responsibility of the teacher at all times. Teachers attend free of charge.

Can we run our virtual incursion via a platform of our choosing?

Our virtual incursions run via Zoom. Please email us at if you require a different platform for your incursion.

Do we need any other materials or resources?

Arludo run no-mess virtual experiments, so there’s no need to raid the craft cupboard for baking soda, matches, balloons or popsticks! Our worksheets are also hosted online so there’s no need for printing. 

To play the game we recommend that students either have their own device, like a computer or tablet however at the gameplay stage they can share a device and take turns at playing. 

For the worksheets we recommend that all students are using their own device like a computer or tablet so that each student can complete their own work and the teacher can accurately assess learning.

Do you record virtual incursions?

Virtual sessions will not be recorded, unless previously advised.

Can I request a custom topic?

Absolutely! If you have a particular topic that you would like us to run for you please send an email to to discuss your learning needs.