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We help you create engaging online presentations and courses, and can help you become a science expert.



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Take your presentations to the next level

Meetings, lectures, and presentations have forever changed, and so are the skills necessary to capture attention online.

Our professional development courses help you stand out from the crowd and get noticed. Whether you’re creating engaging videos for your students or pitching live to investors, our in-person and online courses help you create studio quality videos at home.

Slides that include you

People are watching you! Learn how to overlay yourself over your slides so that you remain an important part of your presentation.

Transitions & Overlays

Create more engaging presentations that show your personality and catch your viewer’s attention. They’ll want to stay tuned to see more.

Create engaging

You can add information from different sources to your presentations  – like websites, video, animations, or conference calls. You’ll have the skills to do it all.

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Upskill your science teaching 

The Arludo dashboard and games are flexible enough to work in synchronous or asynchronous teaching both online and offline. 

Join one of our professional development courses to learn more about the science behind the games and the different ways to use Arludo apps in your teaching.

We're NESA Accredited

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We can help you create courses students love

With everyone creating online courses, you’ll need to make yours stand out so you can attract and engage more students. We have the tools and skills that ensure your courses stand out from the crowd. 

Whether you teach synchronously or asynchronously online, we can help create a memorable course that you’re proud of.

Level-up your science, teaching, and presentation skills