provides engaging mobile science games that empower STEM teachers and students through social learning.

Meet the team changing education!

Our core team consists of educators, programmers, designers, and animators - everything you need to create awesome educational games!

Michael Kasumovic
Michael wants to create games that help people get excited about science. So far, it seems to be working!
Michelle Morry
Games Programmer
Michelle builds the worlds that students navigate ensuring that teachers can best help their students learn.
Matt Batchelor
Games Programmer
Matt creates opportunities for students to learn in a different reality, be they scientists, lizards, or pirates.
Tani Hill
UI Designer
Tani ensures that all our games are easy to navigate and look damn good!
Andrew Harris
Games Designer
Andrew ensures that our games are juicy and playing as smooth as butter.
Aiden Clasky
Aiden creates our 3D models and makes the augmented come to life.
John Wilshire
Full Stack Developer
John makes sure that teachers can gain the most out of using our tools.
Nick Levy
Social Media Guru
Nick is the reason that you came here - he makes sure everyone knows what we're doing!

We also work with experts in their respective fields to ensure the games we create are scientifically accurate and are backed by the latest research.

Richard Kingsford
Professor of Wetland Ecology and Director of the Centre for Ecosystem Science at UNSW Sydney.
View EcoTag
Kate Umbers
Behavioural Ecologist at Western Sydney University.
View Xenon Crowe
Robbie Wilson
Associate Professor of Physiology and Performance at the University of Queensland.
View Eat Prey Live
Damian Elias
Associate Professor in Neurobiology and Behaviour at the University of California, Berkeley.
View Spinder