Our genes affect how we look – but not all genes are the same. Depending on how genes behave, some possibilities are more likely than others. Play Ormnyr and learn more about how our genes can affect how we look.

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Press the Class Code Button class code button & enter: SXSW

Ormnyr teaches players about how genes are passed down from parents to children and how the presence of specific genes can affect the appearance of the child. People across the world like scientists and farmers devote their lives to selectively breeding species for particular traits, like horses with greater fitness, or tomatoes with greater resistance to cold weather.

In Ormnyr you need to discover the weaknesses of the Monsters ravaging your world, and breed dragons with the right traits to take them down!

Let’s take a look at some data:


How does enemy aggression affect decision making?

Each time the player summons a set of dragons we assign them a ranking value based on all the summons they could have performed.

We expect players may start with a few poor decisions while they figure out the bosses weakness. But as the bosses take more damage, they become more and more aggressive, does this pressure lead to more mistakes?

Which player is the Ormnyr Master?

We’ve added a leaderboard here to highlight which players have progressed furthest through the game. Can you take the top spot?