Complete experiments in 10 minutes, not 10 weeks

Run unlimited science experiments to collect and visualise data in real time

As lecturers, we know that practice makes perfect. Yet, it’s difficult to run multiple experiments within a term from start to finish because of how long it takes to complete an experiment, collect and compile data, and create figures. This means that students lack opportunities to practice the various skills in science.

Arludo simplifies the scientific process by automating all the difficult parts of science, allowing you to easily run multiple experiments in a term. This allows you to focus on engaging with your students to help them improve their critical and analytical thinking.

This project is funded by the Australian Government Department of Education through the Emerging Priorities Program

Use our 25+ games that explore concepts in biology, psychology, statistics, ethics, and more

Each of our games are unique as they teach topics using different approaches.

View data in minutes

Collect over 500 data points with your class in less than 5 minutes!

Spend more time exploring data with your students to give them the critical skills needed to understand, interpret, and make conclusions from data.

Teach your way

We make it simple to engage your students in ways that suit you and your teaching style

Simplify your teaching by assigning worksheets already created by lecturers

Embed Arludo figures into your own LMS to create your own unique assessments

Download the collected data and import them into R to teach statistical programming

See the difference Arludo makes to your teaching for yourself

We research science education

We work with universities to create new learning experiences, and improve student engagement, learning outcomes, and equity in education

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How much does your program cost?

We have a subscription model: $25/teacher per month, or $250/teacher per year (two free months and many other benefits). That’s it. There’s no extra costs for students and no licensing fees. It doesn’t matter whether you teach 5 students or 500, the price is still the same. We want to ensure that every student can get a high-quality science education, and that means making our products accessible to every school.

How can you use video games to teach science?

Because science games are fun! The science games that we created are all experiments – so each time students play an Arludo game, they are running an experiment and collecting data. The beauty of this approach is that students don’t know they are acting like scientists! But as they play, they are exploring a new world and learning the science concepts in the game. What’s really special is that when they start exploring the data, it quickly makes sense because of all their science experiences while playing the game.

Using videogames to teach science also works because it lowers the costs of making mistakes. Students have fun playing games and exploring the worlds that we created so they are willing to just jump in and start exploring. Even if they make a mistake, students jump right back in because the costs of making that mistake are almost non-existent. It’s discovery learning through play!

Can I use Arludo to teach science online?

Absolutely! We’re experts at that. By using the science games that we built, students anywhere can work together to collect science data. We group these data and then create figures for students to explore. This means that no matter where students are, they can work together to do science experiments online. That’s why Arludo is perfect for distance education as well!

Which science topics can I teach with Arludo?

Currently, we have science games about biology, psychology, maths, and ethics. Soon we’ll be developing more games for physics and chemistry as well. So sign up to make sure you’re updated on all our new science games and science programs coming out! All the science games that we use are created by Arludo. That means we know everything about the games and can ensure that students get the most out of using our games.

How can you use data to teach science?

Science is all about exploring data to make conclusions – so we always wondered how students are learning science without exploring data! Most science programs focus on wrote learning and memorisation of facts. Although understanding certain concepts is important, facts are easy to collect using the internet – those aren’t the skills we should be teaching kids anymore!

What kids need to learn is how to make conclusions from the information they gather. And practicing those skills is more difficult because it requires that students have a lot of data to be able to explore and make conclusions.  Also, it requires that they do this over and over until they get the hang of it. This means you would be collecting an enormous amount of data on your own – that’s not feasible!

The Ingenious program simplifies all the hard stuff so that you can focus on your child’s growth. Isn’t that why you decided to homeschool?

Have you integrated Arludo into R yet?

How did you know we are doing that?? We are actually in the middle of that process and it is really exciting! If you’re keen on running Arludo experiments and having your students learn the begginings of analysing data using R through Shiny Apps, then get in touch and we can ensure that you are first on the list!

What science equipment will I need?

You won’t need any special equipment – we’re not making baking soda volcanoes here! All you’ll need is what you normally use to interact with the internet: a computer, chromebook, tablet, or mobile phone. These are devices every school has access to, and it doesn’t matter how old the devices are as long as they can connect to the internet.

If you’d like help setting up your devices with Arludo, just get in touch with us at

Do you collect student personal data?

Absolutely not. Each one of our users is completely anonymous to us and we can’t identify them. That means that their provacy is 100% guaranteed.

We think this is really important as real learning requires students to make mistakes, and making mistakes can make students feel vulnerable. That’s why we’ve created a comfortable environment to allow students to learn and not have to work about being identified. That’s the way it should be online.

What age group is Arludo for?

Every age! We know that sounds silly but our Founder Michael KAsumovic is an Associate Professor at UNSw Sydney and he has used Arludo to teach his students, and also with students as young as year three when he visits primary schools. Arludo games are meant for every age and we ensure our worksheets are also available for students of all ages by moderating the difficulty of the worksheets, the graphs that students explore, and the vocabulary we use.