We partner with schools universities, and corporates for research

We can help improve education outcomes and audience satisfaction

We take research seriously

Arludo is a team of researchers and teachers. We work with numerous different universities around the world to ensure that we’re providing the best for our customers and students.

Whether you’re a teacher, a university researcher, or a corporate, we’re always here if you’d like to start a new research project and use our expertise.

We’re constantly improving

We’re always looking for ways to improve the products we create. That’s why we’re always performing research with various schools and universities to create products that we know help students.

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How has COVID-19 impacted education?

Our leadership team is involved in writing a chapter in a new book exploring successful education pivots around the COVID-19 pandemic.

With case studies within the primary, secondary, and tertiary learning environments, the chapter will provide information to teachers and executives on how to successfully create digital learning experiences.

Research science topics

Huge sample size

We can help your research studies collect data from a huge number of users.

Diverse users

We have users around the world, making your research more relevant.

Difficult topics

We specialise in developing apps that tackle difficult theoretical questions. 

Looking to add to your research program?