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Our goal is to improve equity in education and ensure that all students gain an opportunity to suceed

Arludo is founded by Associate Professor Michael Kasumovic who actively researches the role technology plays in society and how to use it for good.

Current Research Projects

Understanding trust to improve social interactions

Why is trust decreasing in society? This research project explores how negative social interactions can erode trust and how positive social interactions can rebuild it.

How do predators affect foraging decisions

This project explores the role of predators on individual behaviour through a videogame. We explore how changes in predator abundance and location affects foraging decisions.

Using technology to improve student outcomes in science

Students use technology in their everyday lives, but how can it be used more positively? This project explores how technology can provide students with hands-on learning experiences.

How does deimatic behaviour affect predator foraging

This project explores the evolution of deimatic phenotypes and behaviours – how animals are camouflaged but display warning colouration when startled.

How videogames help students understand ethics

What causes variance in ethical viewpoints and how this changes over time. This project explores how a videogame coupled with students discussions affect ethical perspectives.

Using videogames to assess mental ageing

Standard assessment practices of cognitive health require licensed practitioners, making them costly. This project explores the use of videogames to more easily assess patients.


Tom Denson

Tom is a Professor in the School of Psychology at UNSW. He is an experimental social-personality psychologist whose primary research focus is on the causes, consequences, and prevention of anger-driven aggression.

Adrienne Withall

Dr Withall is a Wodi Wodi Wandiwandian woman and research at UNSW. She is an ageing and mental health specialist where her research focuses on promoting cognitive health and wellbeing for priority populations.

Megan Head

Megan is a researcher at ANU. Her research focuses on the evolution, ecology and physiology of sexual reproduction, with a particular focus on the role the social and physical environment plays in reproductive decisions and traits.

Kate Umbers

Kate is a researcher at Western Sydney University. Her research explores the evolution of colouration in animals. She is also the Director of Invertebrates Australia, an not for profit with the goal of conserving Australian invertebrates.

Khandis Blake

Khandis is a researcher at the University of Melbourne. She is an expert on the psychology of gender relations where she combines nature and nurture frameworks to understand how men and women compete with others of the same and opposite sex.

Louisa Coglan

Louisa Coglan is a Professor at QUT. Her research explores the economics of regional and national health care initiatives in both primary and secondary health care services around mental health care.

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