Help prepare your students for their future

Make science relevant and fun while working with real scientists. No matter where you are.
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Inquiry-based approaches that helps you scaffold their learning

Remember & Understand

Engaging apps that place students in a new world, helping them learn through experience.

Apply & Analyse

Students collect data as they play, and their experience encourages them to take part.

Evaluate & Create

Help your students think critically and easily extend lessons to encourage creativity.

Real scientists visit your class

From 8-week programs to single incursions to standalone lessons that help you guide their learning. Our scientists can visit you wherever you are to help support your teaching.

Science lessons at your pace

Whether it’s an 8-week program or a single lesson, we provide you with the lesson plan, the apps, videos, and everything you need to create an engaging science experiment in your classroom.

Our teacher dashboard allows you to easily keep up to date with student performance, making marking simple.

Live incursions and interactions

Join our live 8-week programs on Twitch, orcall us in for an incursion to help your students meet and chat with a scientist. Our scientists always create an engaging lesson that your students love.

Not in a major city? Don’t worry. We can visit anywhere and ensure you have an experience your class won’t forget.

Games that to turn your students into scientists

We use games and apps to turn mobile devices into pieces of scientific equipment. This helps you turn your students into practicing scientists.

Intuitive Discovery

Our kids have grown up around devices, so much so that they feel intuitive. That’s why we use them to encourage discovery.

Collaborate & Create

Our games and apps encourage students to work together and share their experiences just like other games. 

We make it easy for you

No setup

Digital worksheets and videos conntected to Arludo apps and games that take care of all the hard work.

No expensive equipment

Make use of the iPads you have sitting in a cupboard. Just install our free apps and your ready to run some experiments!

No training

With intuitive apps everyone is ready to go. And we have free worksheets that allow you to easily extend your lessons.

See how your students are thinking in real time

Your students’ answers are updated on our dashboard in real time. This way you can track how your students are thinking and performing so you know who to help at any time.

The data that your students collect also appears in real time so you see science happen right before your eyes.

Level-up your teaching with Arludo’s gamified experiments

Why science class?

Shielding students from bad actors, poor advice and (actual) fake news is no longer possible in a largely digital world.

We use science to prepare students with the necessary skills they need to understand and interpret data, and the critical thinking skills they need to make the right decisions.

We help you create the leaders of the future.

Interested in an afterschool program?

We can bring scientists straight to your school for an 8-week afterschool science program. Students will work directly with our team of practicing scientists and do real science.

We bring all the gear, they just need to show up. How easy is that?


Looking for Professional Development?

The world has definitely changed in the last 6 months! We can help you get up to speed to make sure you can tackle anything.

Get in touch and we can organise professional development courses for your staff to upgrade their recordings or science knowledge.