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We help you create the game you envision for your outreach and research

We’ve worked with researchers and scientific organisations across the world to create innovative video games that engage and inspire players of all ages.

Our Expertise

Innovative Science Communication

We use games to engage players of all ages with science stories and research. Each game is it’s own experiment, with players able to form and prove hypotheses through gameplay.

Engaging Educational Experiences

We create games and programs that spark interest and learning in science. Our suite of games, combined with our lesson plans and worksheets encourage students to develop 21st Century Skills.

Data-driven Learning (and marketing) Tools

Our games use data to engage audiences in gameplay and let us measure the impact of our games as learning tools. To date, we’ve collected over 10,000,000 data points. We can also work with you to give you insights into how users are engaging with the game.

Our Expertise and Process

Our team can work with you to design and build a game, education program and outreach strategy that meets your goals and objectives


Our team will meet with you to understand your objectives and your vision for the game so that we can produce a design document and confirm costs and timing.


Our game developers will work to bring your vision to life in the game. We will keep you updated and involve you in the testing of key features as we go. If we are also producing your education and outreach resources, this will happen at the same time.


We will release the game on our agreed platforms, and work with you and your institute to promote it.


From time to time after the release, we will release game updates to fix bugs and ensure the best player experience.


As active academic researchers, we can help you design, complete, and publish the findings from your game.

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