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We help you create the game you envision that allows you to connect with your users

Arludo is unique among global game developers as we merge in-house expertise in game design, research, and teaching to create science-based video games that double as effective educational and research tools. This allows us to create unique experiences that provide our partners unmatched insights into their users’ thinking.

What Makes Arludo Unique

Founded by an Associate Professor, Arludo is a team of research scientists, game designers, and educators creating engaging and measurable user experiences 

Underpinned by Research

We have strong connections to research and researchers across Australia and the world that we leverage to help you reach your goals. We thus ensure that your game is designed with the most up-to-date research available. 

We can also leverage our university connections to run research studies and publish them in leading journals to validate your approach. This helps your user base understand the science behind your decisions, thereby strengthening your relationship with your users.

Exceptional Educators

We have a team of primary, secondary, and tertiary educators with decades of experience that bring the latest understanding of education research to your project.

We further ensure the content for your design is aligned to the curriculum and further develop the lesson plans, videos, and presentations that teachers need to ensure that they use your game in their classroom.


Each of our games are research experiments. This means we help you collect high quality and honest multivariate data from your users providing you with unparalleled insight into how they are thinking. These insights can help you drive improved learning, or can help you better communicate to your users to improve your messaging.

To date, we’ve helped clients collect over 10,000,000 data points to better understand their educational, research, or marketing goals.

Our Process

Our team can work with you to design and build a game, education program and outreach strategy that meets your goals and objectives


Our team will meet with you to understand your objectives and your vision for the game so that we can produce a design document and confirm costs and timing.


Our game developers will work to bring your vision to life in the game. We will keep you updated and involve you in the testing of key features as we go. If we are also producing your education and outreach resources, this will happen at the same time.


We will release the game on our agreed platforms, and work with you and your institute to promote it.


From time to time after the release, we will release game updates to fix bugs and ensure the best player experience.


As active academic researchers, we can help you design, complete, and publish the findings from your game.

We’ve worked with the best

We’ve worked with researchers and scientific organisations across the world to create innovative video games that engage and inspire players of all ages.

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