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Engaging with high school science students


We bring practicing scientists to your school to lead a lesson tied directly to the Australian Curriculum.

Whether it's a single visit or an ongoing relationship, we want to help students gain a love for science.

Get in touch and we can either plan a physical visit or plan a digital visit, either way, your students gain an experience unlike any other!

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We bring practicing scientists to your school for free!

Students rarely gain an opportunity to interact with a scientist, and when they do, these scientists often spend time talking at them rather than with them.

The scientists we bring to your classroom lead an experiment with your students, so they gain experience performing and discussing science with a scientist.

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Engaging with high school science students

We speed up scientific inquiry!

All of outreach is performed using the Arludo games and engages students with the devices they are most used to - smartphones.

Our intuitive approach to getting students collecting data lowers the barrier for students and helps them focus on understanding scientific inquiry, rather than learning methodology.

This also means students can finish an experiment in a single class period.

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high school students solving science problems

Get to know the team that would love to visit your school!

Michael Kasumovic

Arludo Director

Michael wants students to see the beauty in science and for students to understand how it can improve their lives.

Amy Hooper

Outreach Coordinator

Amy organizes the team of outreach experts to make sure we have the perfect match for your school.

Nick Levy

Topic Coordinator

Nick Ensures that the team is trained and ready to come to your school to match the curriculum topic you're teaching.

Lana Kajlich

Outreach Specialist

Lana is keen on helping students feel comfortable about firing off their own science questions and explanaitons based on their own observations.

Justin Chan

Outreach Specialist

Justin studies how fungi form communities in wood and would love the opportunity to encourage students to observe nature wherever they can.

Shin Ushiama

Outreach Specialist

Shin believes in scientific literacy for everyone and is passionate about stimulating curiosity in everyday life.

Erin Macartney

Outreach Specialist

Through her research on different insects, Erin wants to impart students with a sense of wonder about different invertebrate animals.

Dax Kellie

Outreach Specialist

Dax loves showing students how evolution helps us understand why humans behave the way they do.

Fonti Kar

Outreach Specialist

Fonti wants to inspire another generation of scientists and feels showing them all about lizards is a great start!

Kingsley Griffin

Outreach Specialist

Kingsley spends a lot of time in the ocean and wants to teach students the value of conserving marine habitats.