Our mission is to improve scientific thinking for students of all genders, ages, and socioeconomic levels.



It all starts with equity

We believe that a more equitable and respectful society is achieved by ensuring that everyone gets an equal opportunity to a high quality education.

That’s why we ensure our products encourage students of all backgrounds and genders to grow as students and that they are available and suitable for rural and regional schools.

We’re helping you train the leaders of tomorrow.

Who we are

We’re a small team of dedicated scientists, teachers, programmers, animators, and designers who want to get students more excited about the world around them to help them love learning.

That’s why we’re working with teachers and scientists from all over the world to create gamified experiments to change how people learn.

How we started

Arludo’s quest began when Associate Professor Michael Kasumovic tried to figure out a way to excite the many disengaged and unmotivated students stuck in traditional university lectures. So he created a simple mobile games to turn his students into spiders!

Although his lack of programming skills resulted in a simple game – student were excited, understood the topic better, and wanted to learn more. What more could a teacher ask for?

This is where Michael began searching for a team and Arludo was born. This early team brought to life our first Augmented Reality game – Blue Steal – and it’s still a student favourite.

Our Team

Science, teaching, and outreach

Michael Kasumovic

Michael Kasumovic

Associate Professor & Founder of Arludo

Michael is an evolutionary biologist that is interested in exploring human behaviour (and uses videogames to do so!). He started Arludo in 2016 because he wanted to engage students the way they were used to interacting with the world - through mobile phones. He enjoys working with his team to create new experiences for students.

Isabelle Kingsley

Isabelle Kingsley

Chief Education & Research Officer

Isabelle is a research associate with Australia's women in STEM Ambassador. She is passionate about opening the doors for women to succeed in STEM fields. Completing her PhD in science communication and outreach, she help create engaging programs for Arludo students to help them grow a love of science.

Sophie Calabretto

Sophie Calabretto

Senior Lecturer & Battery Low Co-host

Sophie is a fluid mechanist and a science communicator extraordinaire. She has spent much of her career engaging with communities to help students understand and enjoy maths. She is also a strong role model for young women in maths. As a mathematician, she wants people to understand that maths is awesome and necessary because it helps explain the world around us.

Game design and programming

Andrew Harris

Andrew Harris

Lead Designer

Andrew is the lead designer at Arludo and responsible for creating the wonderful worlds that students see when they play Arludo games. Andrew is the reason you smile when playing on of our games. He puts a lot of love in what he does, and students can tell.

Tom Hill

Tom Hill

Full Stack Developer

Tom has created the front and back ends of what students and teachers see every day. His hard work has made it possible for students to enjoy science again because all that monotany - the data collection, the visualisations - are all done for students. His expertise is why we can do science with students anywhere in the world.

Michael Duke

Michael Duke

Games Programmer

Michael is the reason our games work. He has put in an extraordinary amount of effort into creating the mechanics in each game - and each one is different! He's recently created his first multiplayer game - we can't wait to see what people think.

How we help

Engage & Excite Your Students

Gamified experiments and programs for primary, secondary, and tertiary students

Connect with your audience

Create engaging experiences that your audience remembers

Innovative science outreach

Our engaging presenters and our library of apps turn your event into something everyone remembers

Advice and Professional Development

We help people you upskill you their presentations skills to help people improve their inline and in-person teaching, seminars, webinars, and pitches.

Our team of researchers, educators, and designers can also help you design your courses to increase engagement and interactivity. 

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