provides engaging mobile science games that empower STEM teachers and students through social learning.

Our Mission

arludo's mission is to increase interest in STEM topics and improve scientific thinking for students of all genders, ages, and socioeconomic levels.

We're doing this by creating simple tools for teachers to allow teachers to engage and excite their students about science.

With class attendance decreasing and student engagement waning, many argue that the lecture is dead. The truth, however, is much simpler: students are disenfranchised with an antiquated education system that doesn’t fit into their world.

Why should students follow the long and difficult road to gain a traditional education when knowledge is only a few taps away? Why should students spend hours trying to understand difficult topics when their social environments offer easily attainable extrinsic rewards?

Although universities infuse technology into every aspect of the student experience, the way bureaucrats design a system for student use and the way a student uses technology in their daily lives differs dramatically.

At Arludo, our goal is to leverage technology to create individual learning experiences that improve student engagement.

We create bite-sized mobile learning apps that allow students to intuitively explore topics at their own convenience. Our apps encourage students to probe and question STEM topics, fostering a hypothetico-deductive approach to better prepare them for lectures.

We are changing education by helping students realize the intrinsic value of scientific discovery.