Why do organisms keep changing?

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Why do we get sick every flu season? Does it feel like mosquitoes are getting faster? These questions deal with the concept of evolution – why organisms change over time. In this lesson, students will use the Arludo app ‘Eat Prey Live’ to explore why organisms change. They’ll be able to create a population of dots that has different traits, and then see what happens when they squash them. They’ll be able to understand what’s going on because they’ll be able to see evolution happen before their very eyes! Students will learn how to explore frequency distributions and how to interpret them.

This lesson is approximately 1 hour in length.

Students will:
● Learn about how individuals that survive can lead to changes in a population – 10 mins
● Learn about what is needed for a population to change – 10 mins
● Use an Arludo app to become a predator that loves to eat dots – 10 mins
● Explore the data that you collected with others – 15 mins
● Make conclusions from the data you collected – 15 mins

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