Why and how do animals compete?

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All animals compete against one another for access to resources they need to survive and reproduce. And although animal competitions can be very costly because individuals can become injured or even die, animals have found a way to reduce those costs.

In this lesson, students will learn all about how animals signal their fighting ability to each other and what that means for contests. Students will use Augmented Reality crabs to design and run their own experiment, and will gain feedback from scientists about their experimental design. They will then have the opportunity to collect data and complete their experiment.

Students will learn skills associated with experimental design and learn to read bar graphs and make conclusions from them.

This lesson is about 1 hour in length

Students will:
● Learn why animals fight – 5 mins
● Use an Arludo app to bring Augmented Reality crabs to life – 5 mins
● Design an experiment and get feedback from a scientist – 5 mins
● Explore the data that you collected with others – 5 mins
● Make conclusions from the data you collected – 25 mins

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