How does our body fight disease?

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Our bodies protect us from all the different things that can make us sick. But have you ever thought about how they do that? How do our bodies recognise what is bad for us?

In this lesson, you’ll explore how our bodies learn to fight the pathogens in our bodies. You’ll also learn about how vaccines help our bodies learn more quickly. This way, our bodies can prepare itself for when it’s really in trouble.

Students will also learn how to explore time-series graphs and make inferences from them.

This lesson is about 35 minutes in length

Students will:
● Learn what a microorganism is – 5 mins
● Learn what a vaccine is and how it protects you from infection – 15 mins
● Interpret data from vaccine programs around the world – 5 mins
● Make conclusions from vaccine data – 5 mins
● Use your vaccine knowledge to explain COVID vaccines – 5 mins

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