How do scientists help grow our food?

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Have you ever tried to grow a garden – it’s tough! There are a lot of pests that want to eat the same food that we do. So why are farmers so successful?

In this lesson, students take the role of Detective Kookaburra and meet friends while trying to solve a mystery to understand the things that can affect the crops we grow. You’ll learn about how scientists help farmers grow crops and why that’s important. You’ll meet lots of characters along the way and also learn a little about genetics.

Students will use the knowledge they’ve learned to apply it to planning exercises and make predictions about future crops.

This lesson is about 55 minutes in length

Students will:
● Learn about wheat and its important characteristics – 10 mins
● Meet a practicing wheat scientist and learn about what they do – 5 mins
● Learn about diseases that impact upon wheat production – 10 mins
● Learn about old and new technologies being used to grow wheat into the future – 5 mins
● Use an Arludo app to help Detective Kookaburra solve a mystery – 25 mins

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