How do prey protect themselves from predators?

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How do animals survive in a hostile world where everything is trying to eat them? And for the animals that are doing the eating, how do they learn when something is safe to eat?

In this lesson, students will use the Arludo app ‘Xenon Crowe’ to become a Crowe on the planet Xenon. They will have to try and survive for as long as they can. As they play, they will encounter different organisms that they can eat – some safe and others not. In this way, students will learn how animals learn, and how scientists can explore how animals try to protect themselves.

Students will also learn how to explore bar graphs and learn to look for correlations between different bar graphs.

This lesson is approximately 1 hour in length.

Students will:
● Learn about what predators and prey are – 5 mins
● Learn about the different ways predators and prey interact – 15 mins
● Use an Arludo app to become a Crowe from planet Xenon – 10 mins
● Explore the data that you collected with others – 15 mins
● Make conclusions from the data you collected – 15 mins

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