How do parents raise their offspring?

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Being a parent is hard (just ask any parent!). Parenting requires keeping offspring safe and also ensuring they have enough to eat so they grow up big and strong. But searching for food is a risky behaviour for parents – so how do they manage all of these things at once?

In this lesson, students will learn all about managing different risks and what that means for how they and their offspring survive. They’ll us the Arludo app ‘Hungry Birds’ to become a parent bird trying to raise four nestlings. They’ll have to navigate different environments to try and bring back food for their young.

Students will learn how to read bar graphs, and scatter plots, and how to use different graphs to tell a story about what is happening.

This lesson is approximately 1 hour in length.

Students will:
● Learn about trade-offs (decisions parents make about their offspring and themselves to survive) – 5 mins
● Learn about the challenges that parents face when hunting – 10 mins
● Use an Arludo app to become a parent bird – 15 mins
● Explore the data that you collected with others – 15 mins
● Make conclusions from the data you collected – 15 mins

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