How do ecosystems work?

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All the organisms in the world are connected through an intricate web of interactions. But some species have a relatively more important part in that interaction than others. And sometimes the interactions you think are simple, may be much more complex.

In this lesson, students will learn about food webs and the interconnectivity between different groups. They will learn the different roles that organisms play and how each part has its own importance. They will get the opportunity to explore these connections by taking the role of a wildlife biologist – that has a huge quokka that helps maintain the peace!

Students will learn about ecosystems and the role that wildlife biologists play in conservation.

This lesson is about 1 hour in length

Students will:
● Learn how food webs work – 10 mins
● Learn about endangered species and conservation – 10 mins
● Learn about the impact of native and non-native species on food webs – 10 mins
● Use the Arludo App to start a Quokkapocalypse and save some threatened species – 20 mins
● Make predictions about how different animals impact food webs – 10 mins

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