How do animals communicate?

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Why do animals signal to each other in different ways? For example, birds sing to impress each other, crabs wave their claws in front of females, and Siamese fighting fish build bubble nests to impress their mates.

In this lesson, we’ll use the Arludo app ‘Spinder’ to explore animal signals and why different signals are used by different animals in different environments. You’ll also be introduced to Australia’s peacock spider – a tiny little spider that sings and dances to impress it’s mate. And these spiders are only found in Australia!

Students will learn how to explore bar graphs and how recognise and compare graphs with different axes

This lesson is approximately 1 hour in length.

Students will:
● Learn about how animals communicate – 15 mins
● Use an Arludo app to learn about communication – 10 mins
● Try and create the ultimate peacock spider – 5 mins
● Explore the data that you collected with others – 15 mins
● Make conclusions from the data you collected – 15 mins

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