Game Design Challenge Lesson 2: Overview of Gameplay

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Welcome to Lesson 2 of the Game Design Challenge!

In this lesson students will start thinking and reflecting on what type of game they are designing. Is it a games that helps people understand a science concept or is it a game that conducts an experiment?

By the end of the lesson they will have created an overview of what their game is about (including the genre) and how the game could be played.

They will also choose what will be measured in the game (the data it collects) and think about how that ties in with their science topic as well as how it will affect gameplay.

This lesson is about 1 hour in length and will cover:

● Introduction – 3 mins
● Video and Vocabulary – 7 mins
● Play an Arludo game – 15 mins
● What games measure – 10 mins
● What their game will measure – 10 mins
● Summary and create their first slide – 15 mins

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