Do real science with real scientists

Your child works with scientists to collect and explore data each week to learn more about the world around them

Become a scientist

Online program

Meet different scientists as you learn directly from them

Time commitment


1 hour a week at a set time each week

Integrated Learning

STEM aligned

Aligned to the Australian Curriculum & NSW Syllabus

For Students

Ages 9-15

Perfectly suited for students in school years 4-10

An immersive learning experience

Meet and interact with a new scientist each week

Our Arludo Ambassadors are real scientists performing cutting edge research at universities across Australia. By working with our scientists, your child will experience how scientists work through problems as your child learns through experience.

Meet a new scientist each week and learn about their research

Learn about new research and what it's like to be a scientist

Perform real science experiments where you collect data with others

Chat with our Ambassadors in real time!

Have a science question? Want to know what it’s like at university? Can’t decide what career is for you?

Join our safe and free Discord Server to receive free mentoring from the Arludo Ambassadors. Answer those burning science questions!

This project is funded by the Australian Government Department of Education through the Emerging Priorities Program


How it works

A game-based learning approach to simplify science experiments

We’ve created over 30 apps that allow your child to perform experiments and collect data in real time

Your child learns and experiences concepts intuitively through play

While playing, your child collects data they will explore during the lesson

Arludo Ambassadors lead discussions to help your child interpret and explore data

Help them love learning

Give your child a learning advantage

Aligned to National and State curricula, Arludo’s Ingenious program compliments what your child learns at school. It also puts them a step ahead as they learn all the hands-on and critical thinking skills that are difficult to teach in large classes

A STEM program integrated across the curriculum

Although the focus is on science, your child will also improve their maths and English skills. They will also learn necessary data literacy skills

Kids practice their critical and analytical thinking skills

Through coaching from Arludo Ambassadors, your kids will practice skills – like data analytics – that they will need for any career

Help them gain confidence in their skills

Week on week, your child will build their skills and their confidence in science through practice and real-world experience

Perfect for homeschooling families!

See the links to the Australian Curriculum and NSW Syllabus.

We work with the Home Education Association to help bring the Ingenious Program to homeschooling familes across Australia.

Arludo is a registered Creative Kids Provider

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Enrol them in a new activity so they can create something great.

Secure your spot for term 2

Meet and learn from a new scientist each week for $25/week

Our biology program is linked directly to the ‘Living World’ in the Australian curriculum and helps your child learn more about the natural world around them.

Our spots are limited each term to ensure high quality interactions between Arludo Ambassadors and your child.

Real Science. Real Scientists.

Created and curated by practicing scientists

Created by UNSW scientists using leading educational research. The ingenious program allows students to experience exactly what it’s like to be a scientist.

We also work with trusted cultural institutions that support child growth, learning, and development.

This project is funded by the Australian Government Department of Education through the Emerging Priorities Program

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Find out more about Arludo

How can you teach science online?

Teaching science online requires that students can work together to collect data, they can visualise and explore those data, and that they can use the data to make conclusions. This is exactly what the Arludo platform was built to do.

By using the science games that we built, students anywhere can work together to collect science data. We group these data and then create figures for students to explore. This means that no matter where students are, they can work together to do science experiments online. That’s what makes Arludo perfect for teaching science online.

How can you use video games to teach science?

Because science games are fun! The science games that we created are all experiments – so each time students play an Arludo game, they are running an experiment and collecting data. The beauty of this approach is that students don’t know they are acting like scientists! But as they play, they are exploring a new world and learning the science concepts in the game. What’s really special is that when they start exploring the data, they make sense because of all their science experiences within the game.

Using videogames to teach science also works because it lowers the costs of making mistakes. Students have fun playing games and exploring the worlds that we created so they are willing to just jump in and start exploring. Even if they make a mistake, students jump right back in because the costs of making that mistake are almost non-existent.

Which science games do you use for your program?

All the science games that we use are created by Arludo. That means we know everything about the games and can ensure that students get the most out of using our games. Currently, we have science games about biology, psychology, maths, chemistry, and ethics. Soon we’ll be developing more games for physics as well. So sign up to make sure you’re updated on all our new science games and science programs coming out!

How much does your program cost?

Meet and learn from a new scientist each week for only $25 per week. If you live in NSW you can also use the NSW Creative Kids Voucher!

How can you use data to teach science?

Science is all about exploring data to make conclusions – so we always wondered how students are learning science without exploring data! Most science programs focus on wrote learning and memorisation of facts. Although understanding certain concepts is important, facts are easy to collect using the internet – those aren’t the skills we should be teaching kids anymore!

What kids need to learn is how to make conclusions from the information they gather. And practicing those skills is more difficult because it requires that students have a lot of data to be able to explore and make conclusions.  Also, it requires that they do this over and over until they get the hang of it. This means you would be collecting an enormous amount of data on your own – that’s not feasible!

The Ingenious program simplifies all the hard stuff so that you can focus on your child’s growth. Isn’t that why you decided to homeschool?

Would this be suitable for a science enrichment program?

Absolutely. Because our ecosystem of games and digital worksheets are extremely flexible, it means that student learning in science can easily be extended. That means that you can teach science extension for a group of students, or can easily create programs for gifted students.

Many of our games also allow students to create their own experiment. That means that online science learning can be extended in numerous ways.

Does your program match the science curriculum?

Absolutely. Teachers have told us that the hardest part of teaching the science curriculum are not the topics, but teaching science skills. Arludo’s Ingenious program was built to teach working scientifically skills – critical thinking, experimental design, data collection, data interpretation and analytical thinking, and making conclusions. These are the most difficult skills to teach and skills that students will use throughout their lives.

Arludo is the only company that can do this because we focus on helping students understand data by helping them practice exploring data in a comfortable environment. This is why the Arludo program matches the science curriculum for Australia, New Zealand, Canada, UK, US and more.

View our Australian Curriculum links and our NSW Syllabus links. 

Is this suitable for a homeschool science program?

Absolutely. A homeschool science program requires that students at home are able to run science experiments at home to explore science questions with others no matter where they are. Students should be able to work with others to collect data so that they can visualise and explore those data to make conclusions. This is exactly how the Arludo platform was built – to allow students to anonymously work together to collect data to make scientific conclusions and to learn to think scientifically.

It doesn’t matter if you are learning science at home, playing science games in class, or using the science games to teach a class online, students each get a consistent experience which provides every student an opportunity to excel.

What age group is this homeschooling program for?

Arludo’s Ingenious program is suited for students from ages 10 to 25. That means that you can use the program to teach students in primary, middle school, high school, and university level science courses.

Although the program for primary, middle school, high school, and university students use the same games, the programs are different because they have different expectations for student language and skill sets suited for their level.

In fact, our founder A/Prof Michael Kasumovic uses the same tool and program to teach his university students! He just expects a little more from them :).

What science equipment will I need?

You won’t need any special equipment – we’re not making baking soda volcanoes here! All you’ll need is what you normally use to interact with the internet: a computer and some mobile device. The mobile device is necessary to be able to download and use all the Arludo apps and games. The computer is used to work through our digital worksheets – you’ll watch videos and answer questions and see the data you helped collect in all the worksheets.

If you don’t have a computer – that’s okay! You can also use any mobile device – like a phone or tablet – to be able to interact with our digital worksheets as well.

Do you collect student personal data?

Absolutely not. Each one of our users is completely anonymous to us and we can’t identify them. That means that their provacy is 100% guaranteed.

We think this is really important as real learning requires students to make mistakes, and making mistakes can make students feel vulnerable. That’s why we’ve created a comfortable environment to allow students to learn and not have to work about being identified. That’s the way it should be online.

Can I use this program for homeschooling science experiments?

The ingenious program is perfect for teaching how science works for homeschooling families. Students learning from home will be able to collect data with other students anonymously and have all the collected data appear in the worksheets at home. This means that the science experiments are much more meaningful as homeschooling families will have more data to explore! This also means that you won’t need to survey family members and friends on what their favourite colour is so you can finish that one maths assignment on making graphs.

Our homeschool science experiments make learning about and exploring data easy and intuitive. And they also help your child feel like a scientist. That’s the first big step.