Running experiments with real scientists at home

Our 8-week program compliments your homeschool curriculum by allowing you to chat with scientists in real time
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Inquiry-based approaches that help build 21st century skills

Critical Thinking

Exploring the science data students collect in real time allows them to practice scientific and analytical thinking.


Students intuitively learn problem solving skills, helping them apply their learnings to new situations.


Our mobile apps encourage students to share information and work together to solve STEM problems.


Interact with scientists and other homeschoolers in a positive and supportive environment to practice communication skills.

Watch your child become a scientist in 3 simple steps

Online Program

Simple and anonymous worksheets that build student knowledge and skills. By the end of the program, your child will run their own experiment!

Intuitive Apps

With engaging and fun apps and games, your child will intuitively begin collecting data as they explore science concepts in a new world.

Real-time Data

Science data from learners all over the world are visualised in real time to help your child practice critical and analytical thinking

Chat with scientists in real time

Our team of scientists are from a diverse background and research a diverse set of topics. We’ve set up a secure and safe chat where our scientists are available to chat with you and your child about the program in real-time.

This way, you can have all your questions answered as your child is working through program and analysing data. You can even ask them about their research and what being a scientist is really like!

Meet the Team

Our team is always changing depending on the research activities our scientists are doing. We’ll update this as different scientists become available!

Erin Macartney

Erin is an evolutionary biologist researching animal mating strategies.

Dax Kellie

Dax is an evolutionary psychologist exploring what affects human behaviour

Catarina Vendl

Cat is an ecologist working on understanding whale migration and health

Anna-Marie Syme

Anna is a chemist exploring the world of quantum computing

Your kids will love it!

Kids love games & apps!

We use fun game mechanics and augmented reality that kids are familiar with to excite them about doing and thinking about science.

They are in charge

We allows your child to be in charge of their own learning, and we support them along the way as they chat with our scientists.

Interactive videos

Kids love working through our choose-your-own-adventure videos as it empowers them to learn their own way.

Chat with other students

We provide your child with a safe space. This ensures that everyone can ask questions and has an opportunity to be heard. 

I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed doing this term with you

Faz Ingenious Student

Thank you for letting us watch and do your work. I love science now. I wish you were at uni in Queensland so I could see what you do in your lab in real life. I really had fun playing the games too. I hope I can do more science with you.

Catfishboy Ingenious Student

It was fun to play the games and see our results.

Dashiel Ingenious Student

I really enjoyed spending time with real scientists like Michael and other kids online and learned so much about how animals behave. The games and experiments were fun …talking about our results made me feel like a scientist.

Grace Ingenious Student

I’m so happy to be here. It’s so fun!

Jessica Ingenious Student

Curriculum & Syllabus Aligned

Our program covers the science understanding, science inquiry skills and science as a human endeavour strands of the Australian Curriculum.

Our porgram links directly to the Working Scientifically aspects of the NSW Syllabus – Questioning and Predicting, Planning and Conducting Investigations, Processing and Analysing Data, and Problem Solving and Communicating.

Arludo is a Creative Kids Provider!

As a Creative Kids Provider, residents of NSW are able to use their Creative Kids Voucher to recoup the entire cost of the program!

Why science?

Shielding students from bad actors, poor advice and (actual) fake news is no longer possible in a largely digital world.

We use science to prepare students with the necessary skills they need to understand and interpret data, and the critical thinking skills they need to make the right decisions.

We help you prepare your child for their future.