Arludo’s National Game Design Challenge

Help your students design the next big science videogame!

Arludo has created over 30 citizen science mobile games to help teachers and students easily perform experiments in the classroom. These have been downloaded over 300,000 times and students have helped collect over 10,000,000 data points!

Arludo’s Game Design Challenge is coming in 2023.

Your students will design a mobile videogame to test their most pressing science question.

The team with the best idea will receive 3 months of mentorship by Arludo’s game designers and scientists to develop their game!


Aligned across the curriculum

The challenge teaches STEAM content and skills – Science, Technology, English, Art & Design, and Maths



8-lesson unit of work with lesson plans

Teachers and carers will be supported with curriculum materials and professional development opportunities


For students in school years 4-12

Interested students can chat with scientists – our Arludo Ambassadors – about their ideas


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