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Team B.O.R.O.N. from Seymour College, South Australia


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Thank you for such an incredible day and night…you can see how much every student enjoyed themselves throughout the entire day and had an absolute blast during the gala. Everyone from Arludo was amazing! You were all so lovely and welcoming, and really spoilt the students with presents and entertainment and experiences they will remember for the rest of their lives

Rebecca Meade

Teacher, Athol Road Primary

It was a fantastic day and evening, the girls took so much from this wonderful experience. The team’s professionalism, hospitality and organisation did not go unnoticed. 

We are very proud of the girls, hopefully we will have another chance in submitting more in the next competition!

Kate Bakhos

Leader of Learning Technology, Santa Sabina College

We would like to thank the Arludo team for a great time in Sydney. We learnt a lot and hope we could do it again next year. It gave us an AMAZING opportunity and experience. It showed us that giving up will take you nowhere.
Hope to see you next year!!
Team Chemistry Cool

St Mary MacKillop College

Thank you to the Arludo team for everything you have done and the wonderful opportunities you have provided for our students.  We had an amazing time and the girls are still smiling!

Kylie Boag

Teacher, Seymour College

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Today’s children are more digitally connected than ever before. This challenge went right to the heart of what excites children, putting them in the driver’s seat to be game designers. There were many occasions where children did not want to stop working on the challenge or they were prepared to stay behind at lunch time to finish. With Arludo’s terrific range of games and succinct lesson plans, I felt supported all the way through the challenge.

Karl Klose

STEM Teacher, Loxton Lutheran School

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