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Xenon Crowe


The planet Xenon is a harsh environment where only the strongest of crowes can survive.

In Xenon Crowe, players use the accelerometer on their phone to search the environment for life sustaining bugs. The more bugs they catch, the longer they are able to survive. The goal of Xenon Crowe is thus to survive as long as you can.

As players explore the planet Xenon in Xenon Crowe, they will encounter different bugs. But be careful, some of these bugs may not be what you expect...

The game teaches concepts about foraging theory, search images, prey distinction, and learning.


This game is designed as a single player game. It can be used as homework to introduce the topic prior to class (a flipped classroom style of learning) where the results can be discussed in class. Alternatively, it can be played in class to coincide with the collection of data in real time to allow students to gain insight into their decisions in real time.


Teachers can download data or display them in front of the class in real time to allow student to learn how their decisions affect their performance relative to their competitors.

Support Material

Teacher Manual with Worksheets