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Vi - Rush

Stop the viruses. Find the red queen. Save your research budget. And help your students learn about frequency dependent selection.


ViRush is similar to a tower defense game where players must defend their body from attacking viruses. Players must decide how to arm their turrets and which viruses must be destroyed and which can survive

While playing ViRush, players learn about the theoretical concept of frequency dependent selection and the Red Queen Hypothesis. ViRush visualizes the outcome of each round so players can see how their decisions affect the distribution of each of the different virus types. Players also learn the role that chance plays in evolutionary processes.


ViRush is a single player game that can be assigned as homework (i.e. flipped classroom) to introduce students to the concepts of frequency dependent selection for class discussions or can be used in class to demonstrate frequency dependent selection.


Teachers can view, download and present data to students in real time. These data can be used to encourage class discussions.

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