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Split - A - Cell

Tired of trying to memorize the stages of mitosis? Try Split-a-cell and become a master of cytokenesis!


Split-a-cell is a game where players learn about the different steps in mitosis to better understand cell division. Players are taught about the order of cell division while playing a Tetris style game where players lead cells through the stages of mitosis. While dividing cells, players are familiarized with the position of the chromosomes and how genetic information is moved within the dividing cell.

The intuitive game play and stage changes in as individuals progress allows individuals to make connections between the cell stage and the position of the chromosomes.


Split-a-Cell is a single player game and can be used as homework to reinforce the concepts being taught or by lecturers and teachers to introduce the concepts prior to discussion in class.


Teachers can view how their students are performing in the game, providing information on which phases they're having trouble with, and which aspects they don't understand. These ideas can then be reinforced in class.

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