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Reservoir Crabs

Run animal behaviour experiments in augmented reality with your phone! Reservoir helps students learn about animals contests and experimental design.


Practicals teaching animal behaviour rarely work because of stressed out animals and naïve students. Reservoir Crabs takes all the difficulty out of running an animal experiment by using augmented reality fiddler crabs. With crabs that behave the “right” way each time and are immune to stress, students can focus on improving their understanding of experimental design and behavioural observations.

Each crab has real measurements and behaviours which allow players to perform statistical analyses.


Reservoir Crabs is a group game where students can work together to design an experiment, and create and test a hypothesis. Students will gain an understanding of experimental design and observation of animals.


Students can record all the data as they are playing, or will be able to download the data when they finished their experiment. The data can be used to complete simple statistical analyses and graphic, or more complex multi-factorial models.

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