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Powerhouse of the Cell

In Powerhouse of the Cell, students learn about cellular energy production by running along an infinite electron transport chain.


Learning the various stages, complexes, and molecules associated with the electron transport chain is not a very fun process unless you're in charge of a mitochondrion!

Similar to the infinite runner genre (e.g. Temple Run) Powerhouse of the cell places you in the factory-side of the electron transport chain and force you to run the system. By moving through the various complexes and selecting the correct molecules at each one, you’ll be making infinite amounts of energy (and acing your tests) in no time!

The game teaches the various steps in the electron transport chain, which molecules are used at the various stages, how energy is created through the creation of a proton gradient, and most importantly, it does it in a fun and engaging way.


Powerhouse of the Cell is a single player game that reinforces the various ideas and concepts surrounding the electron transport chain.


Teachers can view student performance to see where students are having trouble and which concepts they don't understand. Teachers can then reinforce these ideas in class.

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