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Pinned Diversity

Use Pinned Diversity to view different invertebrates in full augmented reality glory!


The world is full of different species of invertebrates and now you can view six different examples in high definition!

Use Pinned Diversity to bring to life different invertebrates by looking at a paper cube. You can view a Christmas beetle, a black field cricket, a jewel beetle, a longhorn beetle, a sand wasp, and an amycterine ground weevil to come to life right in your hand.

Each 3D image was carefully crafted by folks from Australia’s CSIRO using their pinned collection. More details about CSIRO’s incredible research on this project can be found here:


Pinned Diverisyt allows students to view hiugh definition images of these six invertebrate so that students can become familiarized with viewing differents traits and understanding how organisms are classified.

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