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Working out the relationship between organisms is a puzzle. Phylotile helps you learn the skills to solve it!


Phylotile is a game where players learn about the relationships between organisms and how to read a phylogenetic tree.

Players are given different tiles that need to be placed at the right point of the phylogenetic tree to solve the puzzles. Players learn about the evolution of traits, how trait relationships change through time, the concept of convergent evolution and how to read and understand phylogenies.

There are 5 different levels

  1. What is a phylogeny
  2. Gaining traits
  3. Losing traits
  4. Convergent evolution
  5. Reading phylogenies


Phylotile is puzzler designed to be played individually.


Teachers can identify where students are having trouble and which concepts they don't understand. These concepts can be reinforced in class.

Support Material

Individual Game
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