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Hungry Birds

Life is full of choices. In Hungry Birds, players learn about the foraging decisions that animals make to maximize the number of offspring and their survival.


Raising nestlings isn't all it's cracked up to be when they're always hungry!

The goal of Hungry Birds is to rear as many offspring as you can. Players take on the role of a bird hunting for food to feed its offspring and survive. As players explore the different environments in Hungry Birds, they learn about variation in food availability and must weigh different risks.

The game teaches concepts surrounding various life-history decisions ranging from allocation and feeding strategies, giving up densities, risky and shy personalities, and parent-offspring conflict.


This game is designed as a single player game. It can be used as homework to introduce the topic prior to class (a flipped classroom style of learning), or can be played in a class, practical, or laboratory to introduce the idea of life-history decisions.

Group GameIndividual Game
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