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Gerard Layzard: Feast of Pain

Become Gerard Layzard to blast the ant invaders and learn all about the evolution of mimicry.


Blast your way through bugs trying to take over the Ant Queen's colony. For science.

How do organisms maximize their survival? What if you're a tasty morsel and can't avoid detection from predators? Perhaps a solution is to look like something that predators don't like to eat!

In Gerard Layzard, players take on the role of Gerard, a cyborg lizard (or Layzard) for hire. They must try and save the Ant Queen's colony from invading bugs. As they play, and learn about the benefits of mimicry, they'll be providing scientists with data to better understand which traits make a better mimic.

Gerard Layzard teaches players about the different traits that make an animal a successful mimic and how similar organisms need to look to be mistaken for one another.


Gerard Layzard is designed to be used as an experiment. The game can be assigned as homework or can be played in class, in a practical, or in a laboratory.

Individual Game
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