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Eat Prey Live

Become a predator in Eat Prey Live and watch evolution happen right before your eyes!


Play the role of a predator as you shape the population that you are hunting!

Populations change over time, and one of the strongest forces shaping populations is predation. As predators hunt prey, they remove certain individuals, and as a consequence, the genes that encode the traits that individual possess.

In Eat Prey Live, players take on the role of a predator that hunts dots. The dots vary in speed and agility. As they play, students learn about how selection functions, and how populations change through time.


Eat Prey Live is designed to be used as an experiment. Before playing the game, teachers can lead a discussion and the class can design different experiments that groups will perform. At the end, students can compare their results and have a discussion over which factors affected how their population evolved.

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