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Blue Steal

Blue Steal turns students into augmented reality birds to help them learn about female preference, the evolution of mating strategies, and the cultural transmission of learning.


Do you have what it takes to impress a female? Let's find out!

Females in the animal world are choosy and males have to work hard to impress them. In Blue Steal, students are immersed in an augmented reality game where they take on the role of a male bird presenting females with different objects of different colours. To win, students must figure what it is the female likes and find all the objects they need. The first to find all four objects wins!


Blue Steal is designed to be played with an entire class either during class or in a practical. Students work in groups of 3-5 (there should be at least 6 groups in the class) and they compete against one another to impress their female first.

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