Gamified science experiments that turn your students into scientists

Single, multiplayer, and class-based games that help your students practice the critical and analytical thinking skills they will need in any career.




Psychology app: Psych Tests

See how easily you can perform classic psychology experiments in less than 5 minutes

Students use the Psych Tests app

Perform 3 different classic experiments – Visual Search, Stroop Tests, and IATs. Each of these tests are already setup to make it easy for your students.

Experience the theories they are learning

Students gain a more in-depth understanding of the theories they are being taught because they are experiencing them. That’s why students are excited to participate in discussing the results.

See the results appear in real time

Data that students have collected is always more enjoyable to explore becuase it has more meaning. Help students understand why their contribution is important to science.

Explore the data as a class or as an assignment

The data can be explored in real time during an online or in-person lecture, or they can be embeded for students to explore on their own as an assignment.

Biology app: Hungry Birds

Turn your students into adult birds raising offspring to teach them about parent-offspring conflict

Students become European Flycatchers

Hungry Birds lets students experience what it’s like to forage for food with starving offspring at home. Students learn about different foraging theories and parent-offsping conflict through experience.

Learn about different foraging strategies

As they visit different sites to collect food, students encounter different challenges and food densities. This helps them understand different foraging theories through experience.

Which of my nestlings should I feed?

Students have to make the hard decisions of which nestlings to feed, which becomes more difficult when food is scarce! By having to make the tough decisions of who to feed, they learn more about parent-offspring conflict.

Field data collected automatically

All the parental decisions ae automatically stored and visualised so that students can how their behaviours are associated with fitness. This connection between behaviour and data helps them understand these theories

Ethics app: Ethos 2514

Make your students commanders of a developing space colony to explore and debate ethical dilemmas

Exploring the role of ethics in science

Outside of your typical trolley porblem, ethics is difficult to discuss in a classroom setting. Ethos 2514 takes place in a fictional future where players are the leader of a space colony. This provides students with experience making difficult choices.

It's not a matter of right or wrong

It’s important for students to be able to debate the importance of ethics from their own experience. By encountering different characters and their erspectives, students will need to show empathy to be able to make decisions.

See how your students are thinking

As your students make decisions, these decisions are recorded and dsplayed. You can then discuss why students may have chosen different outcome. This helps students understand different perspectives.

Explore what may be associated with that decision

We also ask students a little bit about their hobbies and likes/dislikes, allowing the class to explore what factors may have resulted in different peopl making different decisions.

Maths app: Totem Quest

An app to help your students explore algabraic space and to practice solving formulas

Many students struggle with understanding vector space

Totem Quest was created to help the over 50% of students that struggle with understanding vectors and vector space. In Totem Quest, you are a young explorer in South America uncovering the secrets of a lost city.

Scaffolded student learning

With numerous levels, we slowly scaffold student understanding on vectors. Over the numerous levels, students gain a better understanding of vector space.

Simple swiping and rearranging

With a simple swipe mechanic, students can destroy incorrect blocks and move blocks to create correctly ordered formulas. Students can replay levels to improve their understanding.

See how your students are thinking

The dashboard allows you to see where your students are struggling. You can thus easily reinforce different ideas in class as students work through the game. 

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