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Professional Development - Using mobile devices to turn students into scientists
2020-1-6 5 min read
This full day professional development course in science and maths for STEM teachers (years 3-12) focuses on enhancing teacher understanding surrounding hypothesis testing, experimental design, and statistical analysis while providing teachers with specific content knowledge associated with the NSW Syllabus.
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Personalised Learning will not prepare our children for the future
2018-5-22 3 min read
Personalised learning is the antithesis of what humans are - social and gregarious. So why does Silicon Valley think that learning alone will best prepare our children for a future where it's knowledge use not knowledge content that determines your hireability?
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A brand new website!
2018-5-11 1 min read
A brand new look for a brand new direction!
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What is Arludo?
2018-5-6 6 min read
Arludo is a socially responsible company with the mission of increasing interest in STEM topics and improving scientific thinking for students of all genders, ages, and socioeconomic levels, no matter how far they are from a major city.
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We are in danger, but we can't wait for our governments to solve this problem
2018-5-2 2 min read
Science & Technology Australia states that Australia is in danger of being left behind in STEM. We at Arludo agree, but we think waiting for the Australian Government to do anything will be too late.
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Graduation is a celebration!
2018-4-4 11 min read
Completing a degree is not easy and something that everyone should be proud of. I had the opportunity to provide a commencement speech to the Class of 2017 at SAE/Qantum last night and I wanted to share that here.
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France is banning mobile phones in the classroom. And that's dumb.
2018-1-5 5 min read
Mobile phones will no longer be allowed in the classroom in France. This patronizing move will only serve to anger their generation of students and won't prepare them for the future.
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Teachers aren’t selling out. They’re responding to companies that are giving them attention.
2017-9-10 5 min read
Companies are starting to court teachers as influencers. It's no wonder teachers are responding, someone is finally paying attention to them.
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The public isn’t sick of experts, they’re just sick of experts telling them to just believe them
2017-8-28 5 min read
Jamming science down the throats of people that don't trust science won't help. It's too late for them to change their mind.
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Edtech's war on teachers
2017-7-31 5 min read
In the last 5 years, we have seen a systematic attack by many start-ups against the one thing our students have relied upon for centuries: teachers.
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Why our lecture halls are emptying
2017-7-31 7 minute read
Students aren't coming to class, but simply putting courses online isn't the answer. We need to give students a reason to come to class.
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What students really want is not what we’re currently giving them
2016-9-8 5 minute read
Edutech is one of the hottest buzzwords in the start-up community, but are edutech companies really helping education?
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Learning, teaching, and the art of the oil change
2016-7-31 5 minute read
Why are we making our students suffer through the most boring parts of science to get them excited about science?
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