Battery Low teaches cutting-edge science in new and exciting ways. Join the Arludo team and special guest scientists as they uncover the science and technology behind your favourite games.

Each month, meet a new scientists as we play a different game and explore a new topic – from why we fear snakes and crocodiles, to how you can harness your creativity!

  • Join the Twitch livestream and participate in interactive science experiments online.

  • Recommended for high school students and young adults.

Episode 8: The Science of Trust

October 29, 2021

“Do you trust me?”
It’s a line that is almost guaranteed to be said in every movie, whether it be action or romance! In our society we are expected to trust the people around us, but there are some situations where we question whether certain people deserve our trust. Whether it is about money, love, or some guy in Lycra suit and a cape saying they can fly us from the roof of a burning building! Okay, maybe not that one…
In this episode, we’ll be exploring what affects who we trust and why we trust them, all while trying to lie and cheat our way through a game of Among Us! Join us to find out which scientist is the sneakiest!

Episode 7: The Science of Creativity

September 24, 2021

Why are some people more creative than others? Is creativity something you can practice to improve? Join us while we explore our creativity while playing Scribblenauts, a game where you’re rewarded for discovering the most creative answer to a puzzle! We’ll explore the factors that affect creativity while trying to find out which one of our scientists are most creative!

Episode 6: The Science of Cooperation

AUGUST 27, 2021

From growing successful start-ups to solving important research questions, and even creating engineering masterpieces, cooperation between individuals can result in some incredible accomplishments. For example, Heather Bleechmore, the Manager of the Australian Museum Collection Care and Conservation (CC&C) works across every division in the museum to preserve archaeological and cultural objects, rare books and archives, and even biology and geology collections – so cooperation is key!

But sometimes, it’s impossible to get people to work together no matter the incentive – have you every tried to agree order pizza with friends?? In this episode, we’ll be exploring the factors that affect whether individuals are willing to cooperate – all while DIFFUSING A BOMB! Alright, the bomb is a virtual one, but it should be hectic nonetheless. Tune in to join the fun!

Episode 5: The Science of Food

JULY 29, 2021

Food is delicious, but have you thought about the effort that goes into the food you eat? From the fruits and vegetables that make it to your door, to the treats that sit in your cupboard, they’re all created through an understanding of biology, food chemistry, and a desire to make something delicious.

Join the Arludo team in this live show as they explore the science of food in Minecraft. Watch as they survive a monster attack by creating their own farm and talking about the science behind the food they create.

This episode, the team will be joined by some special guests – tune in to find out more!

Episode 4: The Science of Memory

JUNE 25, 2021

Do you remember what you had for breakfast? How about breakfast two weeks ago? What about what happened that one time when you tripped going up the stairs in school and everyone laughed?

Our memory is a strange thing. What we remember and how well we remember can be affected by our emotions. In this episode, the Arludo team will investigate memory, what affects it and whether we can truly improve it.

Featuring forensic psychologist Dr Hayley Callum, cognitive neuroscientist Dr Nikki-Anne Wilson, and Meredith Castles who researches human-computer interactions, is a Twitch Streamer, and has hyperthymesia – that’s a super memory!

Join the team as they explore memory, find out what it’s like to remember EVERYTHING and use Minecraft to test our memory in different mazes.

Will Meredith’s super memory win the day?

Episode 3: The Science of Fear

MAY 28, 2021

Heights. Snakes. Crocodiles. Being in a room with a group of people you’ve never met before. We’re all afraid of something – but why?

This episode will dissect what makes us afraid and help us learn how to overcome our biggest fears.

Biologist Dane Trembath, from the Australian Museum Research Institute, will be joining the Arludo team to discuss his love of all things reptile, and investigate how we can tackle our fear of snakes.

We’ll also be joined by Jodie Pestana a PhD student in Behavioural Neuroscience studying anxiety and its treatment post-motherhood, and Dr Corrie Ackland, a clinical psychologist from the Sydney Phobia Clinic.

Join in as the team uses Ritchie’s Plank Experience and other VR games to explore how our bodies respond to fear and why Sophie isn’t afraid of anything.

Episode 2: The Science Behind Videogame Addiction

APRIL 30, 2021

Have you ever sat down for a quick gaming session before bed, then looked up and realised you should have been in bed 4 hours ago?

In this episode Arludo investigate the science behind videogame addition and the clever tricks game designers use to keep you coming back for more.

Join the hosts as they chat with psychologists to better understand how games manipulate your brain, and how you can stay in control.

Episode 1: The Science of Gaming

MARCH 26, 2021

How does your brain behave when you play video games?

Games are more popular than ever before – gamers are even making a living playing video games. But what does it take to become a successful eSports athlete? In this episode, the Arludo team perform science experiments with athletes and games to learn about brain alpha waves and explore what our brains are doing when we play VR games like Beat Saber.

The hosts design an experiment and put it through the test through the Arludo app, Reaction Packed.

Join scientists on a fun-filled scientific exploration of what’s happening in your brain while gaming!