Discord is a free app that allows users to communicate via text, voice or video. Most communication occurs via discussion boards, but direct messaging and real-time video chats are possible through Discord as well.

Arludo facilitates a Discord channel which allows students to communicate with our game designers and science Ambassadors to help support student interest in science and technology. We also have space for teachers to engage with our scientists and developers to learn more about the game and to level-up their teaching expertise.

You can join our Discord server by creating a free Discord account and clicking this link.

The Arludo Discord channel is a great space to be inspired by our amazing Ambassador team and fellow students around the country. Our server is a safe, supportive place where we at Arludo have prioritised student well-being by adding:

  • policies every user must agree with before continuing, 
  • bots to ensure appropriate language is used in any of our channels, 
  • human moderators to make sure everyone is behaving appropriately

Additionally, Arludo team members only communicate through group channels, and never on a direct 1:1 basis with any of our users.

Despite all these safeguards we have put in place, the internet is what it is and it is important that parents and teachers understand that there may be risks using Discord as they are with any other aspect of the internet.

As Discord has an open-chat format with user-generated content, it is recommended that users be at least 13 years old to sign up for an account. However, we realise that some younger students would like to interact with our Ambassadors. In such cases, we encourage families to consider opening an account along with their interested younger children and communicate with our Ambassadors together to enable them to participate on a parent-supervised basis. For older teens who may already be accessing Discord on their own, there are a range of safety features to help minimise unwanted communication. Privacy and Safety options can be set to control what data can be collected by Discord for customisation, as well as which other users can request to become a friend or send direct messages. More information about Safety for Parents and Educators can be found at https://discord.com/safety.

As with all digital communication, the best way to keep children safe is to have clear guidelines about their privacy, what is and is not appropriate to view and share online, and to keep open lines of communication to help guide young people in their choices and interactions.

The internet is a place that all students will continue to interact in throughout their lives. We at Arludo are helping prepare students for their future by helping them to learn appropriate behaviour in our server.