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Videogames that help you run your own science activities and holiday camps

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Arludo helps any carer lead a science program in three simple steps

Step 1: Select a topic

Choose from our 30+ videogames that are different experiments covering interesting science topics

Each of the lessons come with all the material you need to successfully run a fun science lesson with your students in about an hour.


Step 2: Play a Game

Have fun discovering concepts with your students by playing engaging games that are each a real science experiment

As your students explore different exciting worlds, they  learn through trial & error and play. Students intuitively make hypotheses and predictions that help them understand what they are learning.

Their shared experience also increases social interactions and discussions during the experiment, making sure kids have fun!

Arludo sceince games on a chromebook, macbook, ipad, tablet, iphone, and mobile phone

Explore science data that your students collected – in real time!

Each of our games collects anonymised data that we automatically turn into graphs for you to explore with your students.

Students have fun exploring the data because it helps them understand how the game works and how to improve their performance.

They’re learning without even knowing it!

Each lesson is a start-to-finish science experiment that your students will love exploring

All the lessons and support you need at your fingertips

See some of our lesson plans that help you prep in less than 5 minutes

How to turn your students into scientists in minutes

How to turn your students into scientists in minutes

With the Arludo Science Portal you can complete an experiment and explore data in less than 10 minutes.   Getting setup to turn your students into scientists is easy! Follow the steps below to get started: Step 1: Add a worksheet and setup your class code Once...

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Preparing and Understanding Spinder

Preparing and Understanding Spinder

In this lesson, students will learn how animals communicate, and why animals have the combinations of traits that they do. In this game, students are trying to create peacock spiders with different traits. Individuals have their own spider on the top (seen above) and...

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Preparing and Understanding Cha Cha Island

Preparing and Understanding Cha Cha Island

This lesson is all about sexual selection - how the traits that individuals prefer in mates affects how they evolve. While trying to impress their mate in the game, students will learn how different preferences can shape how organisms evolve over 5 generations.  ...

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Need more help?

Our team is available through email and phone to provide support. We can even jump on Discord to chat in real time.

We’re here to help.

Created by an Associate Professor, and designed by scientists and teachers

Each game is supported by a science expert 

From single player, group, and multiplayer games, each of our games are developed by scientists and teachers to ensure that our students have fun discovering concepts and learning together.

Our scientists are available to chat in real-time through Discord to help answer any science questions your students may ask.

We’re here for you every step of the way!

See what kids think!

My favourite thing was to play the video game. I liked learning about bugs how they survive. I enjoyed the whole lesson


Year 4

I think this lesson was great, I learned quite a bit and my favourite thing was the interactive youtube videos and the questions.


Year 5

I loved the Xenon Crowe game. I liked learning with the graphs


Year 3

Science has never really been one of my favourite interests, but these lessons are really fun and I love playing the games, watching the videos, reading the graphs and answering the questions =D


Year 4

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Create a place where your students love learning

Run an unlimioted number of lessons with as many students as you’d like to inspire and excite your students after school

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