Stop talking about science and start doing it

Science outreach that involves the audience

We all learn by doing – so why does scicomm focus on explaining?

We feel that inspiring the next generation of scientists, leaders, and critical thinkers is so much easier when the audience is really involved.

That’s why – from questions to opinions to analysis – we make sure that you, the audience, have a critical role in our shows.

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Join Drs. Sophie Calabretto and Michael Kasumovic every other week to see how much fun science really is. This is raw, unscripted science in all its glory.

We’ll have highlights and podcasts available after the show, but if you really want to be part of what we’re doing, then join us live.

See what we’re doing with #BatteryLow

Let’s science – LIVE!

We explore open-ended science questions with you and our panel of scientists

Most of how science functions is hidden from people. We’re changing that because we think seeing the successes and failure of science can help people understand what it’s all about! 

Join us on Twitch in the second-last Friday of each month.

Teachers vs. Scientists!

On who can have more fun!

In the second Friday of each month we find two teachers that want to learn more about a specific science topic and invite them to our studio.

We then find two scientists that research what the teachers want to know and ALL PLAY VIDEOGAMES TOGETHER.

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We’re looking for science-positive organisations.

From traditional science careers like biologists and psychologists, to more non-traditional directions that science can take us like sports trainers to food preparation experts.

Help students around the world better understand how science is used in your organisation.