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I’m thrilled with the result. The whole process was super-easy for me, and it was really fun to participate in the design of the game while leaving all the difficult technical and creative stuff to Arludo. We’re going to tell our T2 students in CHEM1021 and CHEM1041 about it, and I’m sure it will really help our students to understand a key threshold concept which has been troublesome in previous years.

Princess Blobarina

Luke Hunter UNSW Sydney
Luke Hunter

For me, the process of creating the ethics game was effortless – I had a few meetings with Michael, along with some email correspondence where I provided my ideas with the direction the game should take, but the scenario and the decisions were all created by the Arludo team, as well as the dialogue and artwork! We now have the opportunity to get some interesting insight on what influences students to make certain decisions on both trivial and more critical situations.

Suzanne Schibeci UNSW Sydney
Suzanne Schibeci

It was a lot of fun working with Michael and the Arludo team to create a game that helps students learn about predator-prey interactions. With Xenon Crowe, I’ve been able to turn my whole class into predators to help them learn how prey defend themselves!

Kate Umbers University of Western Sydney
Kate Umbers

I’ve worked with Michael and the Arludo team to create two different games and they have both been a huge success. Arludo’s games are a great way to fulfil NSF outreach requirements and allow so many other students to learn about my research. I’ll be coming back for more!

Damian Elias University of California, Berkeley
Damian Elias

This app was developed for my first year Psychology course by the team at Arludo. The idea was to create a game that helped build a working model of the brain anatomy and gross function in students — to give them a framework that they can draw on when hearing brain regions discussed in lectures. I am delighted with the final product and it imparts this knowledge in a fun and engaging way. Great work Arludo team!

David White UNSW Sydney
David White

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Our Design & Development Process

As an innovative start-up, we’ve made it affordable for to create games and apps that connect with your audience.

Strategy & Roadmap.

We’ll have an initial meeting to explore your vision and objectives.

Visual & UX Design

We design the game, testing it along the way to ensure it meets your objectives.

Design document

We prepare a document that outlines the game and your requirements.

Launch & Monitor

We launch the app together and we continue to monitor and maintain the app for your users.

Support their learning and gain their trust

Once launched, your app is available worldwide and is also pushed to our education customers. These educators and students now see how invested you are in their learning, creating organic brand confidence.

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