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Students use their mobile phones for everything – why not learning?

Our mobile apps are gamified experiments that turn mobile phones – the devices students are most used to and dependent on – into scientific equipment.

These apps help you scaffold student learning, from understanding and applying, to evaluating and creating. And students enjoy themselves the entire time.

Why use apps to teach?

Apps are Intuitive

Students jump in ready to learn without any training.

Familiar & Comfortable

Apps create a comfortable and stress-free learning environment.

Practice Makes Perfect

Students gain first-hand experience and learn by doing.

Automate Difficult Tasks

The apps automatically collect and visualise data for your class.

Collect data quickly and watch it appear

The most difficult part of science is collecting data.

Arludo apps automatically collect and visualise the science data your students are collecting. Speeding up data collection means there’s a stronger link between cause and effect, improving their learning.

Your students can quickly  practice exploring and interpreting data.


So many benefits to educators

Save yourself time

There’s no prep time and no data sheets to print.

No training

No need for training students or workplace health and safety!

Save your budget

Replace expensive equipment and supplies, extending your budget.

Online or offline

Use Arludo apps in the classroom, or online to create hands-on digital learning experiences

No data mistakes

The data are automatically downloaded to simplify creating figures and doing stats.

No ethics

No ethics applications or planning ahead of time. And save the cost of housing animals in your class.

We’ve got you covered

Whether it single or multiplayer, Augmented Reality or a class-based game, each of our 25+ gamified experiments is unique with specific learning outcomes.


From evolution & ecology to genetics and genomics. Learn about experimental design and data analysis.


Several classic psychological experiments to explore cognitive functions, behaviours, and performance.


Help your students practice difficult maths concepts and even download data to perform statistics in any program.


Explore how different social experiences can affect how people view the world. Then discuss it with your students.

Which groups do you teach?

Primary and Secondary

8-week science programs

individual work sheets

in-person/digital incursions.


Dashboard & 25+ experiments

Embed figures in your LMS

Download data & teach statistics

Example app: Reservoir Crabs

See how Augmented Reality crabs help students learn about experimental design

Students use AR to bring crabs to life

The AR animals don’t feel stress, require no ethics, and behave appropriately making it easier for students to focus on learning.

Time to think about experiments

Because there are no costs to mistakes and students don’t have to worry about harming animals, they can practice creating different experimental designs to see how that affects their results.

View the data to make conclusions

Students can easily see how their experimental designs affect their results. And because data collection only takes 5 minutes, they can try again to learn through discovery.

Download your data for more complex statistics

Data can easily be exported as a CSV to allow students to learn more complex statistical analyses. 

See what our users have to say

Geoff While

The Arludo games are fantastic – not only for teaching students about fundamental concepts in ecology and evolution but also for helping students think critically about experimental design, data collection and analysis. The students also got a real kick out of seeing the games come to life – which enhanced their learning experience even be added here

Geoff While
Bob Wong

Arludo apps support a range of active, student-centred and peer-assisted learning techniques that I have been able to successfully incorporate into several of my first year courses to foster student engagement.

Bob Wong
Richard Peters

Arludo provides engaging and fun science games and activities that link to theory and provide useful educational opportunities for university undergrads. They are a welcome addition to the modern ‘lecture’

Richard Peters
Chrissy Painting

Arludo games have added a dynamic, interactive way for students to apply their understanding of key concepts in behavioural ecology. Covid has made connecting with students and active learning more challenging this year, but my students loved being able to play Hungry Birds together over Zoom and compare their scores. After playing the game, my third year animal behaviour students enjoyed coming up with new ideas for future games to test different and extended hypotheses, showing how much they could relate to the way the game helped them to learn. 

Chrissy Painting
Simon Lailvaux

My students really like Eat Prey Live, not only because it illustrates evolutionary principles, but also because it’s a fun and challenging game! Interestingly, the assignment based on this game in particular is usually the one that the students do best on in my course.

Simon Lailvaux
Dominique Potvin

The students love using the augmented reality apps. They let them use their phones, allow them to interact with each other, while also gathering data and being able to put scientific questions into perspective.

Dominique Potvin
Joshua Westerway

I would just like to say again thank you very much for your time on Monday with the Science SWSR meeting. We have had many interested teachers in contact to discuss these apps and their potential uses in their classrooms.

Joshua Westerway

Level-up your teaching with Arludo’s gamified experiments