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Arludo is an Australian company working to change the way students see and use science in their daily lives.


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Founded by an Associate Professor, Arludo is a team of scientists, educators and technologists building educational products and services people love.

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“Science is continuously misunderstood, misused and politicised by the leaders we count on. We want future leaders, today’s children and young adults, to have a much healthier relationship with science and the thrilling role it can play in their daily lives. That’s what drives us.”

Associate Professor Michael Kasumovic, Founder of Arludo

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We help you teach science and maths

Our apps and dashboard help university educators speed up data collection to help students improve their critical and analytical thinking.

We also offer a range of incursions and term programs for Years 3-12 integrating the use of our apps with live scientist Q&A.

Game Design

We help you create learning experiences

Our team of researchers, teachers and designers have worked with dozens of universities, corporates, and public institutions.

We've helped them teach their students and engage their audience in unique ways. See how we can help you connect to your audience.


Community Outreach

We help you create engaging science events

Our awesome presenters and live audience interaction helps your brand create a lasting impression with your audience.

See how we change how your audience views and interacts with your brand both in-person and online.

Work with us

We work with organisations that are aligned to our mission to create a greater love and understanding of science no matter who or where they are.

We work with governments and charities to help the students most in need

We work with corporates to reach new demographics  for impactful social responsibility

We work with schools and universities to improve their science learning and teaching

See what people that work with us have to say

The students love using the augmented reality apps. They let them use their phones, allow them to interact with each other, while also gathering data and being able to put scientific questions into perspective.

Dominique Potvin

The Arludo games are fantastic – not only for teaching students about fundamental concepts in ecology and evolution but also for helping students think critically about experimental design, data collection and analysis. The students also got a real kick out of seeing the games come to life – which enhanced their learning experience even more.to be added here

Geoff While

I’ve worked with Michael and the Arludo team to create two different games and they have both been a huge success. Arludo’s games are a great way to fulfil NSF outreach requirements and allow so many other students to learn about my research. I’ll be coming back for more!

Damian Elias

This app was developed for my first year Psychology course by the team at Arludo. The idea was to create a game that helped build a working model of the brain anatomy and gross function in students — to give them a framework that they can draw on when hearing brain regions discussed in lectures. I am delighted with the final product and it imparts this knowledge in a fun and engaging way. Great work Arludo team!

David White UNSW Sydney
David White
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