Science communication that makes a difference

We Are looking for PHD students to become Arludo Ambassadors

Be linked to an Arludo game

Select the game that best represents your research. You’ll use that game to reach and interact with students across Australia!

Mentor the next generation

You’ll interact with students through our forum, can be involved in our National Game Development Challenge, and help students grow.

Get paid

We at Arludo feel that scientists should be remunerated for their time. That’s why we’re creating a culture that values what we do.

why arludo

Arludo is founded by Associate Professor Michael Kasumovic, an evolutionary biologist, gamer, and father.
Michael Is an award winning scientist and was a Young Tall Poppy in 2016, was shortlisted for ABCs top 20 under 40, and has won several teaching awards.
This project is funded by a 2022 Australian Federal Emerging Priorities Program Grant to support improving student access to great science and scientists.

WE work with the best

what arludo does for you

We help you succeed

Professional Headshots

We bring a photographer to take professional headshots of you doing science and whatever else you love. You’ll be able to keep and use these as you like.

A Video About You

We’ll create two videos about you – a Q&A video about you and what drove you to be a scientist, and a video about your research. Use these videos as you like.

We Train You

We’ll provide you with media training and also train you on how to give engaging and interactive digital presentations. You’ll be the talk of the town!

We Promote You

Although we’ll ask you to be a little active on social media, we’ll do most of the heavy lifting. We’ll find you gigs and promote you and your research.

what you do for arludo

We work together. You get paid.

Write A Blog Post

We’ll help you write a blog post about your research and what’s so awesome about it. We’ll spread the news far and wide!

Run Digital Incursions

You’ll take your training and reach out to students across Australia using your new digital skills.

A Live Talk to Students

You’ll be one of our guest speakers in our weekly online talks for students to get to know more about you and your research.

Interact In Our Science Forum

You’ll be one of our moderators on our online science forum. This is a new National Science Forum where students can chat with scientists.

Record A Lecture

We’ll record you giving a brand new lecture associated with the game and worksheet that you’ll be paired with.

Mark Student Worksheets

You’ll be interacting with students that complete your worksheet and help them become an awesome scientist like yourself.

Although the amount of time you work with Arludo will vary throughout the year, we ask that you are able to contribute ~5 hours a week. And yes, those hours will be paid. No more working for free.

to apply

1. Select the game you want to represent

Choose a game from the list below that best represents you and your research.

Right now, our focus in on folks researching biological and psychological topics.

2. Create a video about yourself

Given that you’ll be interacting with students across Australia using digital tools, we want to see how you interact online.

We ARE NOT selecting representatives based on video quality, effects, etc.

We WILL select you on your energy and the way you explain yourself and your science in accessible language.

Just be yourself.

3. Fill in the short application form

Click here to submit your entry. Entries are due Friday October 28th.

We encourage folks from all backgrounds to apply as we want to show the diversity of people working in science!

our games

Select one of the games that you would like to be associated with


Blue Steal

Teaches about sexual selection and mating system evolution.

Cha Cha Island

Teaches about runaway selection and how this can lead to speciation.

Eat Prey Live

Teaches about Natural selection and the factors that affect it.

Hungry Birds

Teaches about the choices animals make while foraging.

Inglorious Baskers

Teaches about life-history trade-offs and the decisions animals make.


Teaches about ecosystems, food webs, and how organisms are connected.


Teaches about correlated selection and how certain traits are more or less likely to appear together.

Xenon Crowe

Teaches about how prey protect themselves and how predators learn to maximise their fitness.

Reservoir Crabs

Teaches about animal competition using augmented reality crabs that fight!


Teaches about the different modes of inheritance and how this affects phenotypes.


Bard & Bandits

Teaches about trust and cheating through a multiplayer trust game,


Teaches about memory and what affects how well we remember things.

Ethos 2514

Teaches about the different things that affect our ethical decisions.

Graze Invaders

Teaches how sleep and mood affect our reaction time and working memory.

Hungry Birds

Teaches about what affects individual risk taking behaviour.

Psych Tests

Complete three different psychological tests – Visual Search, Stroop, and IATs.

Reaction Packed

Run short experiments to explore what affects reaction time and performance.


Rat Zone

Teaches about classical and operant conditioning in an experiment where you train a rat.


Teaches about how our brain responds to signals of different types.