Take science lessons to a whole new level of interactivity

Become a scientist

Collect Data

Use videogames to collect real science data with others

Meet Scientists

Engaging Videos

Meet, interact with, and learn from real scientists

Gain Science skills

Interpret data

Practice critical and analytical thinking skills

STEM Aligned

Ages 8-25

Aligned with the Australian Curriculum and NSW Syllabus

Supported by

Minimum Viable Product Grant

Maker Projects: Community STEM Engagement grant

Innovation Districts Challenge: Economic Resilience

We partner with the best

Learn how Arludo can energise your classroom and turns your students into scientists

Learn how Arludo brings science and scientists to your home

Awesome Live science experiences

Check out #BatteryLow!

Battery Low teaches cutting-edge science in new and exciting ways. Join the Arludo team and special guest scientists as they uncover the science and technology behind your favourite games.

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