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Simplify and accelerate your teaching while inspiring your students in science

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25+ science games published

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10+ million data points collected

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Arludo makes teaching science simple and fun

Complete an experiment and explore data in less than 10 minutes

Step 1: Select a topic

Choose from our 25+ purpose-built video games covering crucial concepts from biology, psychology, ethics and more. 

Select a game and associated digital resources that will help you deliver a lesson, lecture or tutorial matched to your curriculum.


Step 2: Play a Game

Each game is a science experiment allowing students to intuitively create hypotheses and predict outcomes. 

As your students explore different exciting worlds, they  learn through trial & error and play. Students intuitively make hypotheses and predictions that help them understand what they are learning.

Their shared experience also increases social interactions and discussions during the experiment.


Arludo sceince games on a chromebook, macbook, ipad, tablet, iphone, and mobile phone

After each game, science data is instantly presented to students as different graphs. 

As each of our games collects anonymised data that are automatically aggregated, students are excited to discuss the data they collect.

Each lesson is a start-to-finish science experiment that both conveys important concepts and engages students in the scientific process.

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