A science program your child will love

Improve your child’s critical and analytical thinking skills in this 8-week course.

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Class Starts

July 19th

The next round starts soon – don’t get left out!

Time commitment


1-2 hours a week that is completely flexible.

STEM Aligned

Natural World

Aligned to the Australian Curriculum & NSW Syllabus.

For Students

Ages 8-13

Perfectly suited for students in school years 3-10.

An immersive learning experience

Become a scientist in 8 weeks

Associate Professor Michael Kasumovic and his colleagues teach your child how to think creatively, critically, and analytically in this 8-week course. Use specially created apps to collect science data that are visualised in real time allowing your child to practice real-world skills.

Bespoke apps that help your child collect data

Created by scientists, our apps help your child learn concepts through discovery. While using the apps, your child collects science data with others, building their confidence.

Digital worksheets that scaffold their learning

You’ll receive a new worksheet in your inbox each week. Each worksheet scaffolds your child’s learning using questions and interactive and engaging videos.

Gain necessary data literacy skills through experience

We automatically visualise the data to allow your child to focus on interpretation. Their discoveries are reinforced by exploring the data they collected.

How it works

Lessons that build their learning

You’ll use seven different mobile apps. Each app is paired with a digital worksheet  that encourages your child to discover concepts on their own.

These concepts are then reinforced by the data that they collect and explore. By the end of the 8 weeks, your child will complete an experiment of their own design!

A new lesson each week

We email a link to your inbox each week. Open the link and you’re ready to go.

Ready when you are

Work on the program whenever it fits your schedule. No pressure.

We're here when you need us

Have a question? Jump on our secure chat server and we’ll answer your questions in real time.

Help them love learning

Give your child a learning advantage

Aligned to National and State curricula, Arludo’s Ingenious program compliments what your child learns at school. It also puts them a step ahead as they learn all the hands-on and critical thinking skills that are difficult to teach in large classes.

A STEM program integrated across the curriculum

Although the focus is on science, your child will also improve their maths and English skills. They will also learn necessary data literacy skills.

The perfect blend of digital tools for learning

The ingenious program uses a blend of videos, mobile apps and games, and digital worksheets. We help your child take control of their learning.

Help them gain confidence in their skills

Week on week, your child will build their skills and their confidence in science through practice and real-world experience.

Perfect for homeschooling families!

See the links to the Australian Curriculum and NSW Syllabus.

We work with the Home Education Association to help bring the Ingenious Program to homeschooling familes across Australia.

Real Science. Real Scientists.

Created and curated by practicing scientists

Created by UNSW scientists using leading educational research. The ingenious program allows students to experience exactly what it’s like to be a scientist.

We also work with trusted cultural institutions that support child growth, learning, and development.

Meet the Ingenious community

Hear what kids and parents have to say

Learn what makes this program unique and why people are raving about it.


My daughter Grace has gained so much from the recent Arludo biology course she took online. Michael and his team have brought science to life for her and she was absolutely captivated. Working with real scientists, men and women changed her view of what scientists are – you can’t be what you can’t see!

Ingenious Parent

Just a short note to say Gabe – and his siblings! – watched the show, and did the experiments, thanks for keeping us in the loop!

Ingenious Parent

I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed doing this term with you

Ingenious Student

Thank you for letting us watch and do your work. I love science now. I wish you were at uni in Queensland so I could see what you do in your lab in real life. I really had fun playing the games too. I hope I can do more science with you.

Ingenious Student

I really enjoyed spending time with real scientists like Michael and other kids online and learned so much about how animals behave. The games and experiments were fun …talking about our results made me feel like a scientist.

Ingenious Student

You are doing an awesome job. FInn has seriously loved the program. PLEASE pop us down for your next course.

Ingenious Parent

I’m so happy to be here. It’s so fun!

Ingenious Student

It was fun to play the games and see our results.

Ingenious Student

Gain skills for any career

Prepare your child to become a leader

Data is everywhere and is used to inform every decision from development to marketing in business and government. Help your child learn the skills that will prepare them to excel in any career they choose.

Learn about how experimental design affects data collection

Your child will run 8 different experiments that have different data complexities. They will learn about the different types of data collected and how to visualise them.

Practice interpreting data with the help of real scienctists

We help your child practice their data literacy skills through guided questions and feedback. They also learn how to interpret categorical and continuous  data.

Learn how to make conclusions and decisions using data

Interactions with our scientists allow your child to learn how to make conclusions. They will also learn the limitations of the data collected and their interpretations.

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